Since our debut in 1992, we produced many distinct pieces. We did aluminium panels, sheet metal parts for household appliances, stainless steel parts for conveyor and many more. We are able to take a concept or an idea and bring it to life.

Here are some products we have made:

Métal CN is able to create boxes that will contain electronic components. Our laser and punch press precision is helping us in our dedication to respect the complexity in the production of these pieces.

High quality enclosures at competitive prices.  In addition, the expertise and flexibility of Metal CN allows us to customize the cabinets according to your specific projects and with the shortest lead time in the industry.

For this project, Metal CN and Cabanons JMP worked together to create a new access rail for their shed. We did create that piece from A to Z.

Here at Metal CN our equipment is really up to date and we can help you create innovative design for your special project.

Many credit/debit card terminal that we can see in a lot of commercial buildings have been made by Metal CN.

It is possible for Metal CN to produce heavy truck pieces. We can make boxes that will fit almost any side of truck.

For some project that you may think it wouldn’t be possible to produce, Métal CN can help you bring it to life. This stainless steel tub show a piece of what we can do.

Métal CN produced many exterior ash tray that we can see on a lot of commercial and institutional buildings.


1049, boul. des Entreprises 

O. Terrebonne QC J6Y 1V2

Tel.: 450 963-4464

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